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CECONOMY is more than just a retail company. We are the leading European platform for companies, concepts and brands in the field of consumer electronics. The world is becoming steadily more digital – and we offer the solutions that make everyday life easier for customers.

We are everywhere

Customers want everything to be available everywhere – online, on the move, in-store and at home. And we make it possible by covering the entire range of consumer electronics products and services: from information and advice to sales, delivery, installation and repairs.

Young woman sitting on the train and using her smartphone

We are solutions

The digital world means endless possibilities. So it's good to have a partner and navigator by your side every day to provide support. It's about selling solutions rather than products. And that's exactly what we do – providing services for customers that go way beyond the product itself.

We are digital

We understand: retail today means technology. So we no longer see IT as just a support function, but as a core competence. We want to be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to digitisation – and drive digital transformation right across the industry.

Young girl and her grandma are playing with VR glasses
We empower life in the digital world

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. But it will only remain smart if everything functions and works together seamlessly. We empower life in the digital world – and develop solutions that offer consumers significant added value.

CECONOMY in figures*

TOTAL SALES approximately 21.4 bn in financial year 2017/18
EBITDA 650 m in financial year

STORES More than 1000 stores in Europe
ONLINE SALES (as a percentage of total sales)

SERVICES & SOLUTIONS SALES (as a percentage of total sales)

WORKFORCE approximately 59000 employees around the world
ONLINE SALES More than 2.6 bn in financial year
SERVICES & SOLUTIONS SALES approximately 1.5 bn in financial year 2017/18
CUSTOMERS approximately 2 bn customer contacts per year

*from continuing operations

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