Blick auf MediaMarkt und Saturn Filiale


CECONOMY is more than a retail company. We are the leading European platform for companies, concepts and brands in the field of consumer electronics. The world is becoming steadily more digital – and we offer the solutions that make everyday life easier for consumers and business customers.

Strong brands

CECONOMY encompasses well-known brands such as MediaMarkt and Saturn, some of which have been part of consumers’ lives for decades. But the company also includes redcoon online stores, the music streaming service Juke, the live-shopping portal iBood and the service provider Deutsche Technikberatung. Our subsidiary Retail Media Group is a specialist in data-driven online advertising. Our portfolio further contains minority stakes in Flip4New, a purchasing service for consumer electronics, and the local commerce platform LocaFox. 

Diverse customer base

Around 6 million customer contacts daily are proof of, and at once the basis for, the success of our company: we reach more people with our brands today than ever before. And every single exchange with consumers is an opportunity for us to keep improving our existing offerings and services. 

Young girl and her grandma are playing with VR glasses

Digital focus

Whether for shopping online or on-site at a consumer electronics store, we bring together the best of both worlds, making possible new forms of advising, sales and data analysis. For us, a contemporary multichannel approach means that our customers are able to take advantage of the offerings in our stores and on our online channels in any desired combination, from home and while on the go. We have therefore integrated the advantages of modern technologies in our locations – with more than 1,000 digitally optimised stores in Europe.

CECONOMY in figures

STORES More than 1,000 stores in Europe

digitally optimized for multichannel sales

ONLINE SALES (as a percentage of total sales)
MARKET LEADER No. 1 in nine European countries
TOTAL SALES 22 Bn. € in financial year 2015/16
EBITDA1,2 BY REGION (€ M., as a percentage of total sales, 2015/16)
  • DACH3
  • Western and Southern Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • 1 Excluding Segment „Other/Consolidation“.
  • 2 EBITDA before special items.
  • 3 Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.
EXTERNAL1 BY REGION (€ Bn., as a percentage of total sales, 2015/16)
  • DACH2
  • Western and Southern Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • 1 Excluding Segment „Other/Consolidation“.
  • 2 Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.
WORKFORCE approximately 65,000 employees around the world
SERVICES & SOLUTIONS (as a percentage of total sales)
CUSTOMER approximately 6 M. customer contacts a day in our stores and online shops
ONLINE SALES approximately 2 Bn. € in financial year 2015/16
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