Green Consumption Pledge

CECONOMY joined the European Commission's Green Consumption Pledge

CECONOMY Green Consumption Pledge


Our pledge for a sustainable future

As Europe’s largest consumer electronics company, CECONOMY is committed to take a leading role in addressing the world’s main challenges and make significant steps into a sustainable future. Our goal is to become a leader in sustainability within our sector.

What is the Green Consumption Pledge?

The Green Consumption Pledge is part of the European Commission’s European Climate Pact, which is an EU-wide initiative inviting organisations to participate in climate action and build a greener Europe. With their signatures, companies promise to accelerate their contribution to a green transition. The pledges challenge signatories to align with at least three of five core principles addressing carbon emissions, transparency, industry best practices and the distribution of ‘sustainable’ products.

By joining the Green Consumption Pledge initiative, CECONOMY makes the following pledges:

Carbon footprint and commitment towards reductions

// CECONOMY pledges to increase its annual sourcing of renewable electricity from 80% in year 2020 to 100% by end of year 2023.

// CECONOMY pledges to achieve net zero carbon emissions for Scope 1 and 2 by end of year 2023, measured by the OEF methodology.

// CECONOMY pledges to reduce the net CO2 intensity1 of its relevant Scope 3 emissions by 30% until end of year 2033 compared to baseline year 20192, measured by the OEF methodology. Relevant scope 3 categories are: purchased goods & services (indirect spent, private label products) and transportation and distribution.

Promotion of sustainable practices

// CECONOMY pledges to continuously increase the number of sustainable products (labelled as sustainable) in its assortment, to enable a sustainable lifestyle for its customers. 

// CECONOMY will double the number of sustainable products by end of year 2023 (starting from 1,000 sustainable products in 2020), and further continuously increase the number beyond 2023.

// CECONOMY will provide extensive sustainability background information for products labelled as sustainable on its website.

Availability of its carbon footprint information

// CECONOMY pledges to annually publish the targets and progress on all the mentioned sustainability pledges in its annual Non-Financial Declaration and on its corporate website.

Further information on the Green Consumption Pledge initiative from the European Commission:

1 CO2 net emissions in relation to total turnover.
2 Baseline for private label products is year 2021.

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