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Facts and figures

CECONOMY is more than just a retail company. We are the European leader for concepts and brands in the field of consumer electronics. The world is becoming steadily more digital – and we offer the products, brands and solutions that make everyday life easier for customers.

TOTAL SALES Approximately 21.8
bn in financial year
Adjusted EBIT 197 m in financial year

STORES (as of 30 September 2022) 1024 stores in Europe
CUSTOMERS Approximately 2.2 bn customer contacts
per year
ONLINE SALES 5.3 bn in financial year
ONLINE SALES 24.6 % (as a percentage of total sales)
SERVICES & SOLUTIONS-SALES 1.3 bn in financial year
WORKFORCE (as of 30 September 2022) Approximately 50000 employees around the world
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