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CECONOMY Compliance Programme

The activities of CECONOMY AG are subject to various legal provisions and self-imposed standards of conduct. We support and help our employees adhere to these binding rules. Our group-wide compliance programme brings together all related measures. The compliance officer organizes and coordinates implementation of the measures.

An integral part of the Compliance Programme is our Code of Conduct, which maps out clear rules for our daily work: 

1.   We separate business from personal interests.
2.   We neither demand nor grant undue advantages.
3.   We treat company information confidentially.
4.   We respect fair competition.
5.   We treat everyone equally.
6.   We are a fair employer.
7.   We respect the applicable law.

The detailed version of the Code of Conduct is available here.

In addition to the implementation of the Compliance Programme, our Compliance Organisation continuously analyses possible risks and vulnerabilities, and derives therefrom specific measures and processes that help prevent misconduct due to ignorance or negligence.

We inform our employees about the standards of conduct and legislation relevant for their area of responsibility. We also provide training and consulting services to help them observe the obligations arising therefrom.

In unclear situations, the respective supervisor and a competent local compliance officer are always available to them as contact persons.

We also offer employees and third parties the possibility to report observed misconduct or violations via the CECONOMY Compliance Reporting System. This can be done directly via the Internet. If necessary, incidents can also be reported anonymously.

The CECONOMY Compliance Reporting System is available here.


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