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Ratings evaluate the ability of a company to meet its financial obligations. They communicate the creditworthiness of a company to potential debt capital investors and enable it to obtain attractive financing conditions on international capital markets. CECONOMY AG is continuously evaluated by two rating agencies, Moody’s and Scope. With its conservative financing strategy, CECONOMY AG pursues the objective of permanent status as an investment grade company.

The current ratings of CECONOMY AG:

Rating Agency Fixed Income & Ratings Sheet

Moody's Credit Opinion: PDF 1,3 MB
Scope Credit Opinion: PDF 295 KB

As of 17 October 2018

Financing programs

Issues on the debt capital markets serve the medium- and long-term financing of CECONOMY AG. Thus, multiple promissory notes (Schuldscheindarlehen) with a total volume of €250 million were successfully issued in March 2017 with terms of five, seven and ten years.

A Euro Commercial Paper Programme with a maximum volume of €500 million is available to CECONOMY AG for short-term funding needs.

Liquidity reserve

CECONOMY AG possesses comfortable liquidity reserves consisting of a syndicated revolving credit facility and multi-year committed bilateral credit lines in the total amount of €1 billion, which complement the reserves held in cash and other liquid assets.

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