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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board comprises 20 members of whom ten are elected by the General Assembly and ten are elected by employees as required by the German Co-determination Act of 4 May 1976. Information regarding the members of the Supervisory Board, their professional profiles and details of other mandates are provided under the links below.

Jürgen Fitschen


Jürgen Fitschen

Senior Advisor, Deutsche Bank AG

Thanks to his career encompassing various senior management positions at Deutsche Bank and previously Citibank, Mr. Fitschen has an outstanding knowledge of banking and finance matters. Having worked in Asia for many years, he is also familiar with the specific issues associated with emerging markets. Before the demerger of METRO GROUP, Mr. Fitschen was a long-standing member of the Supervisory Board of METRO AG. As a former co-CEO of Deutsche Bank AG, he also has exceptional experience of managing a publicly listed, globally operating company.

CV Jürgen Fitschen
Jürgen Schulz

Deputy Chairman

Jürgen Schulz

Department manager of the Service Department, Saturn Bielefeld, Chairman of the Works Council, Saturn Bielefeld

Due to his position at the Saturn store in Bielefeld, Mr. Schulz has outstanding expertise in consumer electronics retailing. He is particularly knowledgeable in the field of after-sales with strong customer retention. Before the demerger of METRO GROUP, Mr. Schulz was a member of the Supervisory Board of METRO AG. Thanks to his membership in the Supervisory Board of METRO AG and his role as Chairman of the Works Council, he has extensive experience in matters of co-determination at corporate and operational level.

CV Jürgen Schulz
Portrait Wolfgang Baur
Wolfgang Baur

Department manager of the Logistics Department, Saturn Techno-Electro-Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Cologne and Chairman of the Works Council, Saturn Techno-Electro-Handelsgesellschaft mbH Cologne

Thanks to Mr. Baur role as Chairman of the Works Council for more than thirty years, he gained extensive experience in matters of co-determination at operational level. Due to his position at the Saturn store in Cologne, Mr. Baur has outstanding expertise in consumer electronics retail, most recently in the logistics sector.

CV Wolfgang Baur
Portrait Kirsten Joachim Breuer
Kirsten Joachim Breuer

Deputy Managing Director IG Metall branch office Erfurt

From his longtime activity for the IG Metall and the German Trade Union Confederation, Mr. Breuer has in-depth knowledge and experience in matters of co-determination and policy assistance. Due to his activities for the Thuringian Ministry for Economics, Labour and Technology, Mr. Breuer also has acquired special expertise in economic issues.

CV Kirsten Joachim Breuer
Karin Dohm
Karin Dohm

Global Head of Group Structuring, Deutsche Bank AG

Ms. Dohm is in charge of Regulatory Affairs, Government Affairs and Group Structuring at Deutsche Bank AG. She is responsible for the structural simplification of Deutsche Bank Group, the implementation of new regulations within the Group and the constructive dialogue with political and regulatory stakeholders. In terms of content, the focus in this respect is on issues relating to strategy, corporate governance, finance and risk management. As a tax consultant and auditor, Ms. Dohm has extensive specialist knowledge in the application of accounting standards and internal control procedures. She also has far-reaching experience in the work of supervisory bodies from her other mandates at companies in Germany and abroad.

CV Karin Dohm
Dr. Bernhard Düttmann
Dr Bernard Düttmann

Self-employed business consultant

Dr. Düttmann has a wealth of executive experience in the fields of finance and consumer marketing due to his previous stations as member of the management boards of Lanxess, Beiersdorf and Tesa and lately his interim activity as CFO at Stada. Dr. Düttmann is also very knowledgeable as regards the work of supervisory bodies from his further mandates in the supervisory bodies of renowned German companies.

CV Dr Bernhard Düttmann
Daniela Eckardt
Daniela Eckardt

Member of the checkout/information team, Saturn Alexanderplatz Berlin, Deputy Chairwoman of the Works Council, Saturn Alexanderplatz Berlin

As a qualified retail assistant with extensive professional experience, Ms. Eckardt has wide-ranging knowledge in various areas of specialist- and general retail. As deputy chairwoman of a works council, she also has a special knowledge of co-determination at operational level.

CV Daniela Eckardt
Dr. Florian Funck
Dr Florian Funck

Member of the Management Board (CFO) of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH

At Haniel, Dr Funck is responsible for general services, business administration, finance and tax. Thanks to his career at Haniel and Takkt, Dr Funck is an expert in financial matters and also has experience in M&A. He has a wealth of expertise in relation to the work of supervisory bodies from his mandates in other supervisory boards, where he several times also is a member of the respective audit committee. 

CV Dr Florian Funck
Ludwig Glosser
Ludwig Glosser

Service Manager and Lead Problem Manager Process Management, Media-Saturn IT Services GmbH, Chairman of the Works Council of Media-Saturn IT Services GmbH, Member of the Euroforum and Member of the Steering Board of the Euroforum

As a trained business computing expert who has already held various IT positions during his career at Media-Saturn, Mr. Glosser is highly experienced in questions relating to the digitization in retail. As a member and chairman of a works council, he also has hands-on experience of co-determination at operational level.

CV Ludwig Glosser
Julia Goldin
Julia Goldin

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Lego Group

At the Lego Group, Ms. Goldin is responsible for product development, marketing, research, licensing and corporate communications. Due to her professional career with positions at Revlon, Coca-Cola and Quaker Oats, Ms. Goldin possesses special expertise in the fields of consumer marketing, international trade, innovation, product development and digital disruption, particularly regarding the U.S., Europe and Asia.

CV Julia Goldin
Jo Harlow
Jo Harlow

Self-employed entrepreneur

Through different former leadership positions at Microsoft, Nokia, Reebok and Procter & Gamble, Ms. Harlow has gained specialist knowledge in consumer marketing in the U.S., in the United Kingdom and in Scandinavia. Moreover, she possesses special insights in the fields of innovation and digital disruption. As a non-executive director in the boards of foreign companies, she is also experienced with the tasks of a supervisory board.

CV Jo Harlow
Peter Küpfer
Peter Küpfer

Self-employed business consultant

Mr. Küpfer has, as member of management boards (CEO and CFO), gathered management expertise and also has extensive experience as a member of a supervisory board. He has a special knowledge of financial matters and of M&A.

CV Peter Küpfer
Rainer Kuschewski
Rainer Kuschewski

Self-employed entrepreneur

Mr. Kuschewski has many years of experience as member of the Supervisory Board of METRO AG and of other supervisory bodies within METRO GROUP. As former secretary of the administrative board on national level of the ver.di trade union, he has in-depth knowledge and experience of co-determination matters.

CV Rainer Kuschewski
Portrait Claudia Plath

Claudia Plath

Member of the management board and Chief Financial Officer at ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG, Hamburg

Due to her career at ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG, Hamburg, Ms. Plath has an outstanding expertise in all matters of retail, particularly in location issues in the retail sector, as well as questions related to asset management and controlling. Furthermore, Ms. Plath has special knowledge of accounting and auditing as well as corporate management.

CV Claudia Plath
Portrait Jens Ploog
Jens Ploog

Senior Consultant Organization, Process and Projects, Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH and Chairman of the Works Council Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH

Due to his long-standing professional experience, Mr. Ploog has special knowledge in project management and project organisation. Most recently, as Senior Consultant in organisation, processes and projects, Mr. Ploog was responsible for the conception and introduction of new applications in the service industry.

CV Jens Ploog
Birgit Popp
Birgit Popp

Department manager HR Staff/Organisational Development and Change, Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH

Ms. Popp holds a degree in teaching economics and has extensive experience in staff development and change management. Being trained as an insurance broker and having worked for an insurance group, she also has a special knowledge of the insurance business.

CV Birgit Popp
Dr. Fredy Raas
Dr Fredy Raas

Managing Director of Beisheim Group GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf, and Beisheim Holding GmbH, Baar, Switzerland

Dr Raas has extensive operational management experience as member of the management board and managing director at companies with international activities. Over the last years, he has also held mandates on various boards of directors in Switzerland and has been a member of the Supervisory Board of METRO AG since 2013. He specialises in the fields of retail and wholesale, M&A, logistics and finance.

CV Dr Fredy Raas
Regine Stachelhaus
Regine Stachelhaus

Self-employed entrepreneur

Ms. Stachelhaus has extensive executive experience, having previously served on the management board of E.ON and in the management board of Hewlett Packard Germany. In her career, Ms. Stachelhaus has acquired special expertise in the areas of HR, European governance systems, consumer electronics and digitisation. Ms. Stachelhaus also serves on a number of other supervisory bodies at various multinational companies.

CV Regine Stachelhaus
Portrait Lena Widmann
Lena Widmann

Trade Union Secretary, Department of Trade, ver.di

Thanks to her professional experience in the retail industry, Ms. Widmann knows the needs of customers. With regard to her work for the Trade Union ver.di and the German Trade Union Confederation as well as former Chairwoman of a Works Council, she has extensive experience in matters of co-determination at operational level. Thanks to her (study) periods spent abroad, she also gained international experience.

CV Lena Widmann
Sylvia Woelke
Sylvia Woelke

Manager Corporate Risk Management & Internal Controls, Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, Chairwoman of the Works Council of Media-Saturn-Holding

Ms. Woelke is an economist with a strong background in retail, having specialised in this field during her studies and gathered ongoing professional experience. Furthermore, Ms. Woelke has a special knowledge of audit and control systems and risk management.

CV Sylvia Woelke
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