Our claim

CECONOMY has heavily influenced consumer electronics as a category with its brands. Going forward, we will act with MediaMarktSaturn as an intermediary between customers and partners to enable the conscious discovery and experience of technology – hence creating a new category: experience electronics.

This approach is based on four pillars: employee experience, shopping experience, usage experience and impact experience.

Our pillars

Employee Experience

Our employees, the majority of whom are in direct contact with customers for MediaMarktSaturn every day, provide comprehensive, personalized and omnichannel advice. Our strategy places particular emphasis on appreciating the work of these colleagues and on their targeted development, motivation and empowerment.

Shopping experience

The shopping experience on our brand platforms is distinguished by category-specific and personalized information, navigation, opportunities to try products out and personal advice on all channels – before, during and after purchase. One component of this is powerful logistics.

Usage Experience

We define new standards for the usage experience of products and services that far exceed the sale of individual products. Category-specific services complement individual transactions with a value proposition across the entire lifecycle.

Impact Experience

We want to continuously strengthen sustainability in our own business activities and to allow customers easy access to a more sustainable lifestyle – while unleashing new business potential. For instance, we give our customers omnichannel access to the circular economy and to opportunities to extend products’ lifecycles.

Our strategy

To make our vision a reality, we are leaving behind the traditional role of product-centric retailer – and developing a customer-centric service platform that integrates sustainability into all aspects of our operations and ensures superior customer services and experiences in an environmentally conscious way.

The six building blocks of our customer-centric retail service platform

  • 1. Retail core: Moving towards omnichannel excellence with a focus on the customer experience

    Our strategy has the customer and the customer experience at its core. We will continuously improve the latter on all our channels. In addition to expanding our online business, we are focusing on modernizing our brick-and-mortar stores and developing new store formats. We are also expanding our customer-focused product portfolio to include adjacent and emerging categories, and are continuously increasing the share of sustainable and energy-efficient products in our own assortment.

  • 2. Services & Solutions: Growth area with new capabilities

    We provide services along the entire product life cycle, forming a circular economy value chain. Whether it’s "trade-in" offers for the exchange of old equipment or online and offline subscriptions for extended warranties and software licenses: We will continuously add new attractive services to our service offerings.

  • 3. Acceleration of the Marketplace

    With the MediaMarktSaturn Marketplace, we offer customers even more choice as an extension of our product assortment. The Marketplace is currently live in Germany, Austria, and Spain; roll-out is planned in at least two other countries in the near future.

  • 4. Private label development

    We continue to develop our private labels in a targeted manner in order to increase the share of private labels in our total sales – driven by an optimized assortment, seamless integration into data-driven category management and well-orchestrated logistics.

  • 5. Space-as-a-Service

    We use the upgrading of store space in order to raise partnerships with manufacturers to a new level. Our Lighthouse format integrates brand boutiques operated by manufacturers and experience zones for the presentation of innovations with the store’s own product and service range. Based on the experience gained, the Lighthouse formats already in existence will be extensively augmented by stores in the major cities of the MediaMarktSaturn country organizations.

  • 6. Scaling up of Retail Media

    We offer our industry partners state-of-the-art media packages with highly measurable and scalable results, which they can use to once again increase the attention around their articles on our platforms. We will also provide this opportunity internationally in the medium term.

These six initiatives are supported by a robust omnichannel supply chain and technology stack, crucial for delivering excellent customer experiences and maintaining our appeal as a retail platform. We prioritize our employees and integrate sustainability into our core values.

Key financial mid-term targets for FY 2025/26

Net Sales slightly above market growth
adjusted EBIT of more than 500 m
Cash Investments to reach roughly 300 m per year
FREE CASH FLOW to grow to about 200 m lease adjusted
gross margin to increase to about 20 %
adjusted OPEX ratio to remain stable at about 18 % of sales
net debt below 2.5 x1 to adjusted EBITDA

1 Net debt incl. IFRS16 leases

Our strategy was presented as part of Capital Markets Day 2023. The recording of the event including all content can be found here:

Capital Markets Day 2023
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